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HelpKit HTML Help Authoring Solution

HelpKit is a different, easy to use HTML Help Authoring Solution made with the simplicity in mind. You will not have to spend hundreds of dollars for software or take expensive learning courses to learn yet another tool just because you have to make the help file for your product.

HelpKit also includes the Visual Basic Add-In that will let you assign help topics to your forms and controls. It will also assist you in assigning the "What's this" type of help to controls. Context ID's are managed automatically and they are completely transparent. (You can still manage them manually.)

About HTML Help and HelpKit

HTML Help is the standard Help System for Windows platform that replaces the old WinHelp system. While new Help System is using HTML as it's primary format creation of the help files did not become much easier. We are sure that you downloaded and tried the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop and came to the same conclusion as we did: It didn't workout for you. Then, on tight schedule, you start looking for Help Authoring Solution that will help you create Help files today. You find out that they either cost hundreds of dollars and require training or they are just too complicated making you dream about easy integration with Visual Basic.

That is exactly why we created the HelpKit. It will make creation of the Help Systems for your Application Simple, Quick, and Cost-Effective. HelpKit also integrates with Visual Basic to help you assign Help Topics and "What's this?" pop-up Help to your Forms and Controls.

Please note that HelpKit does not support double-byte characters for example Japanese or Chinese.